Key road projects financed by Japan (JICA) in Uganda

Nile Bridge

Land transport (roads) is the main mode of transport in Uganda, and occupies more than 92% of cargo and passenger traffic. As road transport is an important lifeline particularly in a country where the railway network has collapsed, the development of a national road network is critical. Nevertheless, the poor maintenance of trunk roads and community roads is hindering people’s mobility, along with traffic congestion in the capital city of Kampala. To address this, the Government of Uganda has signed deals with various countries, among them Japan. Here’s a list of key road projects financed by Japan in Uganda, through its development agency, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

New Bridge across River Nile at Jinja

Nile Bridge, constructed over River Nile in Jinja

In November 2010, JICA signed a loan agreement with the Government of Uganda for up to JPY 9.198billion (aprox.US$100 million) for this project. A new cable-stay bridge along with access roads will be built across the Nile River and this is expected to encourage economic activities not only in Uganda but also in neighboring countries, promoting regional integration.

Upgrading of Atiak-Nimule Road

In March 2010, JICA signed a loan agreement with the Government of Uganda for up to JPY 3.395billion (approx.US$40.9 million) for this project.

Through the project, transport capacity of the area will be dramatically strengthened by improving the road condition up to the border with South Sudan. It will also contribute to promoting economic activities between Uganda and South Sudan.

Kampala Flyover Construction and Road Upgrading Project

In October 2012, at the request of the Government of Uganda, JICA committed to conducting a Feasibility Study including Preliminary Design of the Project that commenced in March 2013.

Kitgum Flyover

The study focuses on the construction of flyovers at Kitgum House and Clock Tower junctions as well as widening of Mukwano Road and traffic safety improvements at Shoprite and Clock Tower areas as necessary projects for improvement of transportation in Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area.


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