Kenya’s And Africa’s Largest 3D-Printed Affordable Housing Project Announced by 14 Trees


A joint venture between Holcim and CDC Group named 14 Trees has announced the launch of Mvule Gardens, Africa’s largest 3D-printed affordable housing project. The project designed by MASS Design Group will be built in Kilifi in early 2022 in collaboration with the Green Heart of Kenya Development.

The Mvule Gardens housing complex will offer 1,2, and 3 bedroom units starting at Ksh2.46m in a low density gated community project close to Kilifi Town, building on 14 Trees’ world-first 3D-printed developments in Malawi.

“We are excited to be building one of the world’s largest 3D-printed affordable housing projects in Kenya. The Government of Kenya has made huge efforts to accelerate the development of Affordable Housing in Kenya. 14Trees is committed to using innovative technology to support this, with houses that have a lower carbon footprint than traditional methods. The announcement of Mvule Gardens and the inauguration of the show house in Nairobi are an extremely exciting step to deliver beautiful affordable, eco-friendly homes in Kenya.” said Colm Halley, General Manager 14 Trees Kenya.

“As East Africa’s first regenerative town, the Green Heart of Kenya is proud to host this incredible project,” says Lachie Gordon Athi, Managing Director of Green Heart of Kenya. “Our vision is to demonstrate how development can benefit both the environment and the community. The reduction in embodied carbon and construction costs that 3D printing represents, as well as the environmentally conscious design of Mvule Gardens, is an important step toward realizing the vision of the Green Heart of Kenya.” he reiterated.

Bamburi cement which is a subsidiary of the group via its managing director also expressed their delight for the project. The materials to be used in the construction of Mvule gardens project are part of the soon to be launched Tector range of mortar products he added as he re-affirmed Bamburi’s commitment to offering the Kenyan market the highest quality, most innovative, and greenest building materials.”

14 trees’ exploits in Africa are aimed at reducing the environmental impact of houses by 50% and this has been proven through their projects in Malawi. While conventional building techniques take nearly four days, the walls can be built in a record 12 hours.


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