Human resource a key ingredient at the construction site


Human resource has been described as the most essential resource in an organization since it is the human aspect that makes sure that all other resources work optimally (or not).

In the construction industry, the concept of human resource management is not as well defined and improved as in other mainstream and formal industries. For every industry to grow there has to be continuous improvement of efficiency in resources usage. There has to be capacity building to empower all the stakeholders to be better and to do better.

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Every construction site has labour, whether mechanized systems are employed or not and also regardless
of the magnitude of mechanization. This therefore makes it necessary to direct enough attention and
resources towards human resource management and development in construction.

How many times have you commissioned a site and you only know the contractor out of an average of 20
craftsmen in your premise? How many times have you thought of the fundi who helps the mason build
your wall as a resource that could be improved through training and empowerment using fringe benefits
such as insurance facilitation? As a contractor, how many times do you think of your fundi as a resource that could benefit from remunerations other than their daily wages?

Human resource management is a critical part of project management. A client who is building should be
keen to know how well the resources are being utilized through-out the project. A contractor on site must
be very hands on when considering the usage of resources in any individual project because this has a
direct effect to the quality of his deliverables, his profit margins and eventually his reputation as

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Imagine a contractor solution that comes in to help you conveniently manage your human resources on
the job site; having the proper knowledge of the people working on your projects, including their skills
and skill level will increase a their capacity to function as a developer. Even as an independent Home
Owner managing their own project, this knowledge brings then confidence in getting the right talent for
every job. We live in the age where information is more powerful than anything!
There is no more need to imagine that solution. The iBUILDapp is here to revolutionize the human resource
management aspect in the construction industry. It is a one stop shop where you have an elaborate and
detailed list of all the fundis on your site, their skills, their reviews and recommendations from other
contractors as proof of their capabilities.

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The iBUILD mobile app also allows you to digitize your day to day operations by running and managing timesheets. For every worker you hire through the iBUILD app, a timesheet is generated that helps you manage their working hours as it keeps records of the amounts due to each of them according to the hours worked.

At the end of the day, it gives you a summary of who was on site and how long they worked and how much is due to them! iBUILD then provides the best tool of all- the ability to upload time sheets directly to the payment gateway and pay all of your workers through the iBUILD wallet. Straight from the contractor wallet into the worker wallets. And there is more! Workers can cash out of their wallets directly into their Mpesa accounts.

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Contractors will have a permanent record of who gets paid what amount, and who worked on which projects for how long. Workers are rated every time they are paid and contractors will never have to remember which workers performed well and which did not- it all becomes part of the permanent transaction history.

Organized details, and historical knowledge all at your fingertips so that you minimize mistakes and continue to hire and manage the best talent for your projects. You can even save your favourites for easy access to contact and hire them for new projects- all directly through the app.

As a Home Owner or developer, you are able to see the work profiles of all the people involved in your
site. This puts the control back into your hands!

Marlowa Okwogo of Marvin Interiors Inc. is a company that specializes in interior installations and external
façade finishes in Nairobi and Kisumu Counties.

Marlowa has been using the new technology from iBUILD to manage his fundis on site. He sent out a posting for some positions he needed urgently filled and within 6 hours he had a number of qualified applications. He was able to review and hire, all through the app.

One worker, in particular, was named Charles. He has been managing these workers along with Charles
through the timesheet on the app, as well as paying them and it has increased efficiency and accuracy and
using the e-wallet in the app, the contractor no longer has to deal with all of that cash.

Mr. Marlowa was especially impressed by the convenience and the ability to keep better records. He can
revisit these records in his project detail on the app at any point for referencing purposes.

Charles, on the other hand, appreciated the convenience of being able to get work to do right from the comfort of his home- without standing for hours on street corners. He is no longer just at home or roaming around.

He has found consistent work and has started building his portfolio in the construction industry. He is now
able to show tangible evidence through his profile on the app of the history of all his jobs and total hours
he has worked and he has aa separate record of the payment dates and amounts he received.

This gives Charles the ability to qualify one day for a loan of his own and to help him to grow and scale his career into the future!

The Kenyan development agenda requires that, as a country, we must be ready to improve our efficiency
in all sectors. We must begin to add value to what we produce and what we build.

The iBUILD app is at the forefront to champion the ability of the construction industry to maximize efficiency and quality. This improves production and scalability in the delivery of their products and services and it also improves the construction sector as a whole.

As acceptance for finance technology grows in the construction industry, so will the value that is ultimately delivered to customers in the form of increased production, greater choice, and lower prices due to increased efficiencies and better project management.


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